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Patient Coordinator / Intake
Hospice San Juan provides services specifically designed for the needs of the terminally ill person and their family and caregivers. For the terminally ill patient, the goal of hospice is to provide comfort and support. For the family and caregivers, the goal of hospice is to help you care for your loved one.

The patient or caregiver need only place one phone call 360–472-0322 to ask questions or ask for help. We check for messages daily, and our Patient Coordinators will promptly respond to requests for information relating to the various services Hospice of San Juan provides.

If there is a request for direct care:

• A Patient Coordinator will arrange a meeting with the patient and primary caregivers to determine how Hospice can best serve your needs.

• After the initial meeting, the Patient Coordinator will begin to serve as the primary Hospice contact, and act as liaison between the patient, primary caretaker, and the Hospice volunteers and services.

• Hospice provides that care through well-coordinated visits. For example, If the caregiver would like to have regularly-scheduled respite care, our Hospice volunteers will sign up for intermittent visits on specifically requested days. Prior to their visit, every volunteer is given up-to-date information on the patient's and primary caregivers' needs. Each time a volunteer completes a visit, they will inform the Patient Coordinator of the patients and primary caregivers current needs so that the next volunteer will have that information prior to their visit.

For more information, leave a message at 360–472-0322. A coordinator will respond promptly.

Volunteer Services
We encourage you to enrich your life by becoming a Hospice of San Juan Volunteer.

Please print, fill out and mail the following application to Hospice of San Juan  P.O. Box 1434, Friday Harbor, WA 98250.

Volunteer Application (pdf)

All Volunteers are provided with information and intensive training in end-of-life issues that affect patients and their families. Volunteers are selected for this training based on their interest and ability to fulfill the commitment of service to Hospice patients and primary caregivers.

Volunteers are essential to the mission of Hospice of San Juan - to make free hospice care available to terminally ill patients on San Juan Island.

Volunteer Opportunities
• Direct Care
• As a volunteer, you will work with a team of others to care for the physical, emotional, and practical needs of the patient and caregiver.
• Administrative Support
• Additional volunteers are needed for administrative help, community events, fund raising, and publicity.

There are many meaningful ways to get involved. For more information, please contact us at 360–472-0322.

Hospice of San Juan
P.O. Box 1434, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

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